Arleo Eye Associates

100 Uptown Road

Ithaca, NY 14850





New England College of Optometry Boston, MA

Doctor of Optometry Degree received May, 2012


University at Buffalo, SUNY Buffalo, NY

Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences Degree received May, 2008

Honors Scholar

AED: Pre-medical Honor Scociety



Affiliated with the Pennsylvania College of Optometry

June, 2012 July, 2013


Baltimore VA Medical Center: Primary Care/Ocular Disease


         Independently treated and followed complex glaucoma and retinal cases, in addition to co-managing patients with the retina and glaucoma specialists on staff

         Managed complex neuro-ophthalmology and anterior segment pathology cases

         Performed and interpreted fundus fluorescein angiography

         Worked with a contact lens specialist, low vision specialist and cornea specialist at the Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins University

         Managed and followed glaucoma patients and their post-operative care with private practice glaucoma specialists

         Attended weekly ophthalmology grand round lectures at Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins University

         Presented interest and challenging cases at weekly patient management discussions with co-residents and attendings

         Attended weekly journal article review and discuss with co-residents and attendings

         Presented at Residency day at AAO 2012 in Phoenix, AZ









4th Year Externships and Clinical Experience


VA Hudson Valley Montrose, NY

Summer, 2011


         Performed and interpreted fundus/slit lamp photography, B scans, OCT and HRT

         Utilized hospital resources i.e. laboratory, radiology, to assist in diagnosis of ocular and systemic disease

         Gained familiarity with the VA Electronic Medical Record system


Richlin Eye Associates Beverly Hills, CA

Fall, 2011


         Performed complicated contact lens fits inhcluding keratoconus, multifocal, and high toric lenses

         Was involved in the business aspects of private practice including meeting with company representatives and managing company employees

         Gained familiarity with medical billing and coding


Eye Care Associates of Fairfield Southport, CT

Winter, 2011


         Established vision therapy programs for patients of all ages in addition to visual rehabilitation programs for traumatic brain injury and stroke patients

         Worked with low vision patients and gained experience prescribing appropriate devices


Fenway Community Health Center Boston, MA

Spring, 2012


         Became familiar with electronic health records

         Gained experience with the referral process and referral letter writing to specialists

         Dealt with the logistics of a large optical and various types of insurance coverage plans